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The Red Devils Postpone the Plan to Buy New Players This Summer Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Manchester United does something unusual this summer. The executive vice-chairman of this club, Ed Woodward says that big spending this summer is unwise. Based on this statement, it seems that the Red Devil will not buy new players as many as the last seasons. Woodward explains that one of the reasons for the club to limit spending is because of Coronavirus. The pandemic gives a significant financial impact on the club. The league has been suspended since early March and there is no clear information about when the league will return. Previously, Manchester United had a plan to bring Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to strengthen the squad. Moreover, Manchester United postpones the plan to buy Harry Kane, Tottenham’s striker for £150m. He said that the plan to buy new players is unrealistic seeing today’s condition. 

The management wants the best for the squad but spending hundreds of millions of pounds on a player in this condition is unwise. In this condition, the management focuses on fulfilling its social responsibilities. Woodward hopes that the competition will go back to normal as soon as possible. The most important thing is the Premier League, the European League, and the FA Cup continue the rest of the competition. It just likes what the federations promised after they decided to suspend the league. The management holds regular dialogue with the government about the regulation during Coronavirus. At the same time, they also have a responsibility to the fans. One of the ideas is playing the rest of the matches indoors or closed doors. It means the supporters are not allowed to come to support their favorite clubs. As long as the decision to hold the matches indoors or closed doors is safe for the squad and its officials, it can be a good idea to try. If all parties agree with this new regulation, the rules may also change. It seems that the league will continue the matches along with shorter-term regulation than usual. agen sbobet online maxbetsbobet

Woodward explains that supporters have an important role for the club, but the condition forces them to do so. Whether the management of the club, football federations, players, and fans are waiting for the best, so the competition is back to normal. All of the players are also can’t wait to go back to the field and finish the games to achieve the goal to be the championship of the league. Football lovers, especially the fans of Manchester United may support the squad by following the rules from the government to fight against Coronavirus. Hopefully, by doing this small support, Coronavirus will be gone and the league can continue the matches as soon as possible. The most important thing is that Manchester United can return to the focus to add new players to improve the quality of the squad. Everyone has to realize that under this circumstance the football industry and market transfer are not just as usual. The management just has to adapt to the condition and limit bigger risks for the players and its officials.