The Effect of Coronavirus on Football Transfer Market

Everything changes during the Coronavirus pandemic, including football league regulation. The football federations decide to suspend all the matches. If it is possible, there will be a closed-door match without any supporters that attend it. So, how about the transfer market with the rise of Coronavirus? The football industry may not earn money from ticket sales and commercial deals. Even, clubs may owe broadcasters over £950m. 

Interestingly, it seems that there is no significant impact on the transfer market. The latest transfer gossip is about Jadon Sancho, the winger of Dortmund worth £100m whereas Harry Kane who plays for Tottenham is worth £200m. Although some clubs make bits for new players, it is a hard period for them. They have to be selective in choosing a new player as well as consider the money they have to spend on a particular player. On the other hand, this is a great opportunity for the clubs to reset all the things they have to fix, including their financial condition. The CIES Football Observatory stated that the value of the market transfer could drop up to 28% across the big 5 European leagues. It is the same case with the England transfer market. The condition forces the market to drop by up to 20%. The main reason is that clubs will think twice to spend their money. The simple example is when Manchester United decides to cancel the plan to buy two players although the club needs them. Due to this buying, Manchester United has to spend over £150 million. The management finally decides to postpone the plan because it seems unwise to spend a lot of money during the Coronavirus pandemic. They don’t know how long this pandemic will last. 

The managements have to maintain the financial creatively to be ready for the worse and to welcome the next matches. Another focus is to pay the players. Under this circumstance, Premier League clubs still owe over £1.6 billion. Kieran Maguire, the football expert explains that the total of the money is for the player they have bought. David Webb, the head of Huddersfield football operations surprises with the condition of the football transfer market under the Coronavirus pandemic. There is a condition where big clubs that have a lot of money decide to stop spending more money to buy new players. It is also a dilemma for the management because fans want the player to join the club immediately. On the other hand, clubs are also afraid that if they don’t bite the player, they will lose a big chance to have a talented player to strengthen the squad. 

Social responsibility is another reason. It seems not good to buy a million pounds player at a time where a lot of people are losing their jobs and have died because of the virus. Adrian Bevington, the former Football Association director of Communications, agreed with the statement that spending big money in the crisis condition is not a good option for the clubs. So, clubs have to think of another alternative to make sure that their squads are ready for the next match no matter whenever it is.

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The Red Devils Postpone the Plan to Buy New Players This Summer Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Manchester United does something unusual this summer. The executive vice-chairman of this club, Ed Woodward says that big spending this summer is unwise. Based on this statement, it seems that the Red Devil will not buy new players as many as the last seasons. Woodward explains that one of the reasons for the club to limit spending is because of Coronavirus. The pandemic gives a significant financial impact on the club. The league has been suspended since early March and there is no clear information about when the league will return. Previously, Manchester United had a plan to bring Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to strengthen the squad. Moreover, Manchester United postpones the plan to buy Harry Kane, Tottenham’s striker for £150m. He said that the plan to buy new players is unrealistic seeing today’s condition. 

The management wants the best for the squad but spending hundreds of millions of pounds on a player in this condition is unwise. In this condition, the management focuses on fulfilling its social responsibilities. Woodward hopes that the competition will go back to normal as soon as possible. The most important thing is the Premier League, the European League, and the FA Cup continue the rest of the competition. It just likes what the federations promised after they decided to suspend the league. The management holds regular dialogue with the government about the regulation during Coronavirus. At the same time, they also have a responsibility to the fans. One of the ideas is playing the rest of the matches indoors or closed doors. It means the supporters are not allowed to come to support their favorite clubs. As long as the decision to hold the matches indoors or closed doors is safe for the squad and its officials, it can be a good idea to try. If all parties agree with this new regulation, the rules may also change. It seems that the league will continue the matches along with shorter-term regulation than usual. agen sbobet online maxbetsbobet

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